It's safe to say Governor Andrew Cuomo has a few things on the agenda heading into 2019's legislative session.

Cuomo already made headlines by calling for the legalization of recreational marijuana in New York. For years, Cuomo had been against legalization over fears pot was a "gateway drug". But now the Governor wants to send a message on the importance of voting. Could Election Day become an official state holiday in New York?

This could really help with people having to change their work schedules just to make it to the polls in time.

Let’s make a real statement about the importance of voting and make Election Day a state holiday, and say to people, ‘Get out and vote,’”.

Cuomo also wants to reform some of New York's other outdated voting laws, which, according to the Democrat & Chronicle, would include; allowing automatic voter registration, voting by mail, early voting and synchronizing state and federal primaries. The Governor says this would make it easier for as many New Yorkers as possible to vote and participate.

Cuomo joins a growing list of politicians who are pushing to make Election Day a holiday to stress the importance of exercising your Constitutional rights.

Do you agree or not? Should it be a paid holiday? And for those who care and don't vote, hey, it's an extra day off. Look at it that way.