Oh, Springtime how I love you and am anxiously awaiting your arrival for so many reasons. Is there a certain season throughout the year that gets you more excited than others?

Some people love Summer, others may prefer Winter or Fall, but I'm a Spring person. My birthday is in early March, so I'm not technically a Spring baby, but I'm close enough. I always love when Spring comes, as it's a time for me to get back out and explore nature. I love hiking, and going to different trails in the Hudson Valley, but usually stay indoors throughout Winter.

This year especially, I'm extremely excited for Spring to arrive, well, for starters, the pandemic and Winter combined made for quite the depression pie, and the warmer weather and being able to get out and enjoy our beautiful landscapes is very therapeutic. Secondly, this Winter I've seemed to put on more weight than I would have liked. It's not drastic, but definitely noticeable to me, so I am in need of some physical activity.

Spring approaching gives me a certain peace of mind, not sure why, but it just makes me happier in general. It's a time of growth for plants and vegetation, and things are brighter giving me at least, a more positive mindset.

What season makes you the happiest? There has to be one that you like more than any other. We all have one that makes us experience more joy than others. Leave your favorite season below.

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