Let me just start by saying I’m pretty sure I’ve never actually seen a ghost. But I may have. More on that later. The thing is, even though I may have never seen one, I do believe in ghosts. There are thousands upon thousands of people who claim to have seen ghosts. Maybe they can’t prove it, but all of the non-believers haven’t been able to prove that they don’t exist. And I give the believers the benefit of the doubt.

Non-believers often say there is no science to back up the belief that there are ghosts. There are a lot of amazing things in this world that have been around long before science explained why. The sun, clouds, sun, moon and stars. They existed before we could explain why. Grass grows, flowers bloom, rain falls from the sky. We didn’t always know why. So how do we know that ghosts don’t exist? Maybe in the future there will be scientific proof. When I look around at this amazing world we live in, I’m open to almost anything that hasn’t been disproven.

I told you early on in this article that I don’t think I’ve seen a ghost but I may have. There are many times when I’m in my house that I feel a cattail run past me or see a shadow out of the corner of my eye only to find my two cats sound asleep in the next room. I’ve had a lot of cats through the years in that house, so who knows? I loved them all and if they’re still around me, it’s sort of a comfort.

So, call them what you like. Ghosts, spirits, angels. There are just too many stories from too many people for me not to believe. Not only do I believe, I’d like to think there are a few special people that are watching over me.

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