Love is in the air.

A fast food chain has brought back a popular tradition for Valentine's Day for the first time in two years. If you and your significant other ever dreamed of spending the year's most romantic day chowing down on cheap slider-style cheeseburgers, then you just might be in luck.

The one trick may be finding this chain's locations in the Hudson Valley.

Valentine's Dinner 

QSR Magazine is reporting that White Castle is bringing back Valentine’s Day dinner experience for the first time since 2020. From 4 to 9 PM on Valentine's Day, couples can dine at participating White Castle restaurants that will even feature hostess seating, tableside service and festive holiday décor, according to the promotion.

White Castle will even feature a special menu for the occasion. if you think this all sounds a bit weird, there have been couples who have actually gotten married at White Castles before. 

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Where are the White Castles? 

The question now is, where are there White Castles in the Hudson Valley? If you happen to live in Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, or Middletown, it may involve some driving. According to Yelp, their location in Nanuet on Route 59 is temporarily closed.

Their location finder however says that their Yonkers spot on Broadway is open, and will offer the special Valentine's Day dinner.

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Getting Married at White Castle

Back in 2019, one Amityville, New York couple tied the knot at the White Castle location on East Fordham Road in the Bronx. And while this may seem a bit unusual, NBC says that at that time, 75 other couples had gotten married over the previous ten years at the chain.

This lucky couple had won a contest that provided cake, flowers, and catering to up to twenty guests.

News 12 asked them if they planned on eating any White Castle on their honeymoon in Rhode Island. Their answer? "That would be awesome!".

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