Some people just love White Castle. Some would do anything to see one closer to home here in the Hudson Valley. And while their Yonkers, Spring Valley, and Nanuet locations will have to do for now, some just can't help but show their love for White Castle's 30 "slider" style burgers in a Crave Case.

But would you marry someone you love at the fast location? Well, that's what one Amityville, New York couple did Thursday. NBC NY says that Anna Katsigiorgis and Harry Messler tied the knot at the White Castle location on East Fordham Road in the Bronx. Katsigiorgis, especially, is a huge fan of White Castle.

When I go to White Castle, I feel young and carefree again. I have had some great times there throughout my life, and still do, except now with my fiancé!

And while this may seem a bit unusual, NBC says that 75 other couples have gotten married over the past ten years at the chain. Katsigiorgis and Messler had won a contest that provided cake, flowers, and catering to up to twenty guests.

News 12 asked them if they planned on eating any White Castle on their honeymoon in Rhode Island. Their answer? "That would be awesome!".

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