There are a few restaurants that people are always saying 'need to come to the Hudson Valley.' What are those restaurants? White Castle, In-N-Out Burger, Bojangles and (wait for it) Waffle House.

Is there a restaurant that you would like to see on the list? Let's add it! So what does the Hudson Valley need to do to make this happen? Let's see. Hey, it might be a futile attempt, but nothing ventured, nothing gained! Who's with me?

How can the Hudson Valley get a Waffle House?

Getty Images/ Jessica McGowan /
Getty Images/ Jessica McGowan /

Well, begging won't work, I try that every time I find myself in Pennsylvania, driving west on I-84 towards the Scranton PA or the Bethlehem PA location. Yes, I will stop and get waffles and coffee at either location, each and every time I pass either one, even if I have already eaten.

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What is the perfect spot in the Hudson Valley for a Waffle House?

Getty Images/Christian Petersen
Getty Images/Christian Petersen

You're welcome Waffle House, we did the research, we did the work. Here is where you should consider putting your first location of a Hudson Valley Waffle House:

  • Orange Plaza, Middletown. Near the Galleria and lots of space to put it.
  • Ulster Ave in Kingston, NY
  • Fishkill, just south of Route 9 in that mall that only has McDonald's and Home Depot.

So, the locations are picked out. It can be any one of the above places (or multiple), as their easy access from 84 or 87 would have people coming from 'all over' to seek out their Waffle House fix.

That leaves one last question, ok maybe two. Would you go to a Waffle House at least one time per month if they came to the Hudson Valley? And what restaurant would you love to have in the Hudson Valley, NY that we currently do not?

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