Once an innocent holiday, Valentine's Day has now become a topic of concern for some parents and teachers.

I was in line at the store on Sunday afternoon and overheard a heated conversation between two Hudson Valley parents who were lamenting the fact that their children wouldn't be able to celebrate Valentine's Day in school this year.

The concerned parents were discussing how their children came home with a letter from the teacher explaining that the holiday wouldn't be celebrated this year due to a number of reasons. The parents assumed, however, that the new "Me Too" movement ultimately put an end to the yearly celebration.

For the past few years schools have been struggling with how to celebrate Valentine's Day, especially for older school children. Grammar school kids have no problem filling out Valentine's Day cards for all of their classmates and spending the day handing them out and eating candy hearts. But as kids get older, things can get a little more complicated.

Likely, the reasons against celebrating Valentine's Day stem from a fear of unwanted signs of affection and possible bullying or having kids feel left out. I wasn't able to find out which school was making the drastic decision to completely get rid of Valentine's Day for their students, but I'd be interested to see if more teachers would also actually consider throwing out the old tradition.

Let us know what your children's teachers policy is on Valentine's Day. Will there be a celebration in your kid's class this year? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.