Yes, we talk about beer a lot.

The craft beer industry has been booming across the country for the past decade and New yrok state is definitely one of the leaders. By leaders, we not only mean sheer number of beers, but quality as well.

But where exactly is all the beer in the state? How does the Hudson Valley rank when it comes to number of breweries versus say the city or maybe the Adirondacks?

Well, New York Upstate has broken down the numbers, and the Hudson Valley counties rank pretty high. In fact, Ulster, Dutchess, and Orange Counties all rank in the top ten.

  1. Suffolk: 31
  2. Monroe: 22 
  3. Erie: 20
  4. Onondaga: 19
  5. Kings (Brooklyn): 17
  6. Ontario: 15 
  7. Queens: 12
  8. Ulster: 12 
  9. Dutchess: 11
  10. Orange: 11 

NY Upstate also made a ranking of number of licensed breweries per capita to account for the state's wide difference in population by area. So, counties that may have just a couple of beer spots but also a sparse population will show up higher.

If we're going per capita, then Schuyler County comes out on top with 1 brewery per 2,273. Columbia County, which features some local favorites like Chatham and Sloop, comes in sixth place with 1 per 6,834.

Greene County is ninth with 1 per 7,938.

It may surprise you that the Bronx only has three licensed breweries. Manhattan only has four. The astronomical cost of rent in both places probably has a lot to do with it. Westchester only has seven.

Then there's poor Delaware, which is one of five counties in the state that has none.