As parents, we try to maintain that innocence in our children, and it's fun to watch them get excited about Santa squeezing himself down the chimney. Do you remember when you stopped believing in Santa?

The reason I pose this question really has to do with the fact that my oldest daughter is now nine years old and this year she is really into Santa and the Elf on a Shelf, and we're convinced that she is questioning the whole "Santa" thing. It's tough though as a parent because it's fun watching the kids get excited over what the elves will do next, or what Santa is going to bring them this year.

My oldest definitely still believes as of this year, and I love that. Since I have a younger daughter, even if my oldest stops believing (doubtful), I know she would still amp it up for her sister. While thinking about all this, I can't think of when I actually stopped believing in Santa.

If I had to guess, I would say I stopped believing in Santa somewhere around seven or eight years old, but I had older siblings as I was the baby of the family, so that makes sense. They ruined everything. Thinking back, Christmas kind of lost it's flare after that. I knew what I was going to get, the fun faded and it became blah. That's why as a parent I want to maintain that Christmas spirit in my children. I hope they believe in Santa for as long as they want. Why ruin the fun, right?

When did you stop believing that an old, fat bearded man in a red suit was breaking into your home and leaving you a bunch of cool stuff?

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