This woman probably thought it was a gift from heaven. In an unusual case out of Marion, North Carolina, a woman who made off with at least a few hundred dollars of wind-blown cash in claiming her innocence. Now, the story is drawing national attention. What would you do in a situation like this?

The McDowell County Sheriff's Office says it all started when a man named Randle Hartman visited a local business January 20. WLOS reports that Hartman left an envelope with $800 cash in it on the hood of his truck, when a sudden gust a wind blew it away.

What was this man's misfortune turned out to be one woman's lucky day. WLOS says the woman was traveling along a nearby route when she saw some of the cash blowing around a parking lot near Dollar General. The unemployed mother of three said she needed the money badly. She says she also saw no else around trying to claim the lost cash, so she made off with it.

It was blowing in the wind! I was like, God, you know, God’s blessed me! You know I needed the money.


So what would anybody else do, it was blowing in the wind!

Seems like her actions in the parking lot were all caught on surveillance. The woman says she spent the money on her kids and can't give it back. She is maintaining her innocence.

The McDowell County Sheriff's Office said the situation is still being investigated. The so-called "lucky" woman may have liked the cash grab, though is unhappy with all the attention she has received.

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