Ever feel like you'd be lost without auto correct? Spelling can be hard sometimes.

Well, the folks at Fan Maps took data from Goole search and came up with the hardest words that have people stumped. They used the top searched "how to spell" words from May 2017 to May 2018 and even broke it down state by state.

So what word do New Yorkers apparently have trouble spelling?

According to Fan Maps, resume. Yeah, and people do complain there aren't enough jobs around here, so maybe it makes sense.

So how about our neighboring states? Seems the word "resume" has people in New Jersey confused as well, as that was most misspelled word for them too. Connecticut; it's sincerely. Ironically, it looks like residents in Maine, don't know how to spell Connecticut, as that showed up as their most searched "how to spell" word. In Pennsylvania, it's schedule.

The word that's got the most states stumped? According to the data, beautiful. It showed up as the most searched word in eleven states.