It's the thought that counts, right? Your family and friends might mean very well, but sometimes the gifts they give you for the holidays are just plain cringeworthy. It's kind of like being stuck in the bunny suit Ralphie had to wear for his mom in A Christmas Story. However, this is real life, and sometimes that awkward bunny suit never really comes off. This is especially exasperated in a room full of gawking people, all wondering if you actually like the pile of crap you just unwrapped.

Earlier this week, we read a story from a listener over the air about how their aunt once gave their grandmother a pair of socks for Christmas one year. Sounds nice enough. The only problem was that the grandmother had had both her legs amputated a year or so before, so the new pair of foot warmers were a no-go. This prompted some more feedback, as callers shared their holiday disaster stories.

One woman said her father bought her a blue Volkswagen covered in sparkles only for dad to crash the vehicle into a pole. So, to make it up, he bought her a blue Matchbox car instead. Not quite the same. Another caller said his mother-in-law meant well, but actually bought his newborn daughter a dog suit to wear. Then, the following year, he said she bought his daughter a box full of thank you cards. Was she writing and sending cards that young? We doubt it.

Share with us your awkward Christmas or holiday gift stories. We imagine situations like this can become worse when doing an office or workplace secret Santa. But usually, the gift giver means the best? Does that include the year you received a half-off gift card to your local gym? We want to hear your stories.

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