Children in New York State believe in Santa for much longer than those in other states.

One of the bonuses of being a parent is being able to relive your childhood through the eyes of your own children. This is especially true during Christmas time. Of course, there's nothing that epitomizes the innocence of childhood more than Santa.

We all remember when the magic of Santa was broken. Whether it was due to an older kid spoiling the secret or just getting old enough to start piecing things together for yourself. Whatever the reason, every child will one day stop believing.


At What Age Do Most Children Stop Believing in the Magic of Santa?

According to a recent poll by Bet Carolina, the average age that a child stops receiving visits from Santa is between seven and eight years old. However, children in New York tend to hang on to the tradition for quite a bit longer than that.

Results of the poll were broken down by state and show that there's a pretty wide difference in ages when children stop believing in Santa depending on where they live.

Out of all 50 states, Oregon children spend the least amount of their lives believing in St. Nick. On average, kids in Oregon are seven and a half years old when the magic is spoiled.  The second earliest is Minnesota at seven years and eight months followed by Oklahoma at eight years.


New York Children Believe in Santa Longer Than Most Other States

On average, children in New York State are 10 years old when they stop believing in Santa. This is the third-longest amount of time of all states. South Carolina is second at 10 years and two months. The state with the oldest average age of Santa believers is Texas, where children believe up to the age of ten and a half.

States surrounding New York were surprisingly much lower on the list, with both New Jersey and Pennsylvania coming in around eight and a half years old. Connecticut was only slightly higher with an average of eight years and eight months.

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