You may love or hate Walmart, but the fact is a lot of people shop there for a whole lot of stuff.

But what exactly?

The retail giant shared in depth analysis using data from to see who's buying what. Yeah, that's kind of scary. But one interesting result to come from this study was a state by state breakdown of what's popular where.

What are folks in the Empire State shopping for? According to the data shared at Business Insider, Connected home products. So, basically routers, Google Home, Nest devices, and other smart home products. At least New Yorkers are looking ahead to the future.

Read the full list HERE. 

Some other states showed more eclectic results. New Jersey? Dumbells. Guess people from the Garden State want to get buff.

Movies and DVDs were Connecticut's most popular item, while Legos were number one in Pennsylvania, and tennis balls in Massachusettses.

There were some even more random and bizarre items. People in Alabama like...cake mix? Missouri ranked number one for disposable washcloths. Texas likes wedding invitations, and South Dakota is very big on lemon cakes.