Don't be surprised if you start seeing more and more Yellow Dot stickers on cars in New York, but why?

Think about the last time you drove around in the Hudson Valley, did you see any cars with stickers on them? The odds say that at some point you will pass a car that has some sort of sticker on it. Some folks still put bumper stickers on their cars (I've never been a fan...LOL), and others have that window-type of stickers that either have a saying or have stick figure families on the back of the car showing all the members of the family (I always laugh when I see those...LOL), but have seen one of these yet?

New York Sheriffs’ Association
New York Sheriffs’ Association

Yellow Dot Stickers

The Yellow Dot stickers pictured above are part of a free program that has been introduced by the New York State Sheriff’s Association that is designed to help first responders provide life-saving medical attention at the scene of an accident according to the New York Sheriffs’ Association. If a car has one of the stickers it that will make first responders aware that there is important information in the car's glove box. The information can help save a life during that first "golden hour” after a crash or other emergency.

How to Get a Yellow Dot Sticker

New Yorkers interested in receiving a FREE yellow dot sticker kit can submit their information online here and at last check, the Sheriffs’ Association has disturbed over 2 million kits. Each kit will contain two personal information cards and two Yellow Dot decals.

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New York Sheriffs’ Association
New York Sheriffs’ Association

How Yellow Dot Stickers Works

Once you receive your kit in the mail you are asked to fill out both sides of the card, attach a recent photo of yourself and place it in a visible location in your car’s glove compartment. Once the card is filled out place the yellow dot decal on the driver's side window to alert first responders to look in the glove compartment for your medical information. The Sheriff's association asked that users to please update the card annually and if they sell their car, remove the Yellow Dot sticker.

Use A Yellow Dot at Home

Not only can the Yellow Dot stickers save a life in the car but they can also save a life at home. The Sheriffs Association said that the Yellow Dot stickers can be used at homes to help alert those who respond to an emergency at your home. Simply place a Yellow Dot decal on or beside your front door and place a completed card for each occupant in a clear plastic freezer bag and place it in a visible location in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator.

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