I must say our producer Meat Sandwich has done a fine job filling in for The Boris and Robyn Show.  The Meat Sandwich Takeover was a huge success, but now it is time for Boris and I to step in and takeover the takeover.

We are back from our vacation, we are well rested, and we have some great stuff planned for you.  Right off the bat this week we will have one of our favorite tax experts on the air to help you get through tax season making or keeping the most money that you can.  This week also sees the return of attorney Jonna Spilbor.  She will be in Thursday morning with legal advice.  Plus we have some great contests and prizes.

And of course up to the minute traffic with Nancy Reamy and the latest news with Bobby Welber.  Not to mention rock news and the stoner report.  vacations are nice, but it's good to be back.  We've missed you.  Thanks for listening!

Boris and Robyn
Boris and Robyn