The New York Renaissance Faire is going strong in Tuxedo, and this week you will able to win tickets on The Boris and Robyn Show. Just make sure you are listening at 7:45 for your chance to win the tickets.

I must admit, Renaissance fairs are not for everybody, but the people I know that are into them are really, really into them. Costumes, big turkey legs, the whole nine yards. And if you are not quite that enthusiastic, the Renassaince Faire is a great place to be a people watcher. Either way, you are going to have a great time. So why not let us foot the bill?

Also on the show, up to the minute traffic reports with Nancy Reamy, news with Bobby Welber, rock news, the stoner report, and more. Plus, attorney Jonna Spilbor will be in Thursday with legal advice. It is going to be a full and fun week, and I hope you’ll join us. Thanks for listening!

Jousting Knights
Oli Scarff / Getty Images