It's the first St. Patrick's Day at Sweeney's in 26 years under new ownership. Will the Irish Pub in Walden still have the same magic?

In August we reported that Gary Sweeney had sold his namesake bar that has become a local landmark in Orange County, New York. Sweeney opened the Irish Pub in 1997 after emigrating to the United States from the Village of Ramelton in Donegal, Ireland. Since then, Sweeney's Irish Pub has become the place to be on St. Patrick's Day.

Walden New York Sweeney's Irish Pub
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New Owners to Continue Sweeney's Tradition in Walden, New York

Loyal Sweeney's customers were nervous about the change in ownership but were relieved to learn that two local brothers, Jon and Rich Bruschi, would be taking over the helm. The brothers squashed rumors of changes to Sweeney's Irish Pub, promising to leave it just the way it is.

St. Patrick's Day weekend will be the big test for the Bruschis and it appears that they're more than up to the task.


St. Patrick's Day Weekend at Sweeney's Irish Pub in Walden

Because St. Patrick's Day falls on a Sunday, Sweeney's has an entire weekend of celebrations planned.

The festivities officially kick off on Friday morning during the annual Kegs and Eggs broadcast with 101.5 WPDH. The Boris and Robyn Show will be on hand starting at 6am and will count down to the pouring of the first official pint of Guinness at 8am. Sweeney's famous Irish breakfast will be served with live music and giveaways including a pair of tickets to see the Rolling Stones on their 2024 concert tour.

Many locals stop by Sweeney's on their way to work and somehow find themselves there hours later singing "Danny Boy". Those who are looking for a good time may want to just plan on calling in sick to work on Friday.


On Saturday there will be more live music from Surefire performing at 7pm and on Sunday, the pub will once again open at 6am for breakfast and has secured a special license to begin pouring Guinness at 8am. Bagpipers, drum bands and other musical entertainment will take place throughout the day.

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