This week on The Boris and Robyn Show we are going to hook you up with a pair of tickets to see comedian Lisa Lampanelli, also known as The Queen of Mean.  She will be at the Tarrytown Music Hall this Friday, March 10.

We have talked to Lisa a few times on The Boris and Robyn Show, and even though she is known as The Queen of Mean, we found her to be quite nice.  But don't tell anybody, we don't want to blow her cover.  She is also one of today's funniest comedians.

We also have more cool stuff planned for you. Dr. Love kicks off the week on Monday. We are getting ready for the Paddy on the River this Saturday at Waryas park in Poughkeepsie, and we will have some special guests in the studio to help us celebrate. And attorney Jonna Spilbor will be here on Thursday.

Plus, up to the minute news and weather, and rock news.  The stoner report, Ticked off Tuesday, Beer of the Week, and a whole lot more.  It's going to be lot of fun, I promise. Thanks for listening.

Lisa Lampanelli
Jerod Harris/Getty Images