Welcome to a week of romance here on The Boris and Robyn Show. Just kidding, we're not really the romantic types. However, it will be a week of fun, and we'll give you the chance to win a great prize that could bring a little romance into your life.

This week on The Boris and Robyn Show, just in time for Valentine's Day, we'll be giving away $100 gift certificates to Zimmer Brothers Jewelers. Just make sure you're listening every morning this week at around 7:45 for your chance to win. Also just in time for Valentine's Day, we'll get a visit from Dr. Love on Monday, and everybody's favorite attorney Jonna Spilbor will be here on Thursday.

And as usual, up to the minute traffic with Nancy Reamy and the latest news with Bobby Welber. Plus, rock news, the stoner report, and a whole lot more. It's another week of fun. Thanks for listening.