Boris and I are back on the air today after an extended Labor day Weekend.  And just because it is a short week for us doesn't mean it's not a good one.  We refreshed and ready to kick off the new Fall Season of The Boris and Robyn Show.

This week, or what's left of it, we have tickets for the Hudson River Craft Beer Festival Sept. 17 at Riverfront Park in Beacon.  It's one of the best fall festivals in the Hudson Valley.  Our listener of the day this week gets a cool Boris and Robyn t-shirt.  And tomorrow it's the return of the WPDH Work Force Payroll.  Your chance to earn money just for listening.

Also, up to the minute news and traffic reports, rock news, and more details on our Funniest Person in the Hudson Valley contest.  All that and more this week on The Boris and Robyn Show.  Thanks for listening.

Mugs of beer
Philipp Guelland/Getty Images