It's a new year, and The Boris and Robyn Show is back in the air after a restful vacation. And we are really looking forward to 2018. We have some great things planned for you. Lots of cool prizes, contests, live broadcasts, and so much more.

This month we will see the return of Boris and Robyn's Battle of the Best. You will help us decide where you can get the best of everything right here in the Hudson Valley.  Pizza, wings, hot dogs, burgers, etc.  And we are depending on your nominations and votes to find the winners. Speaking of wings, Hudson Valley Wing Wars is back on Jan. 20, and this year will be better than ever.

We have great guests lined up for the new year, and of course our old favorites.  Dr. Love will join us to talk about men's health. Attorney Jonna Spilbor is here every Thursday with great legal advice. Comedian Rich Shultis will be in every now and then to make us laugh.

And of course, Nancy Reamy with the latest traffic updates and Bobby Welber with up to the minute news. Our loveable producer Meat Sandwich will be entertaining us with his witty ways. Yes, it's going to be a great year. I hope you will be sharing it with us.  Thanks for listening!

101.5 WPDH
101.5 WPDH