In one of the more bizarre stories you'll hear this week, a man is accused of breaking the window of a store and dragging out a mannequin of former President Barack Obama. The Daily News says the incident happened January 26. 

What makes this story even stranger, is that next to the Obama mannequin stood another mannequin which is of current President Donald Trump. The Trump mannequin remained untouched. So what set this guy off? Taking you anger out on something like this seems pretty random. One could argue perhaps that the man didn't like it that the store chose to dress "Obama" up as a prince, and "Trump" as a princess (wearing a red Make America Great Again hat).

The store has a number of celebrity lookalike displays.

The Beast reports that the man was later arrested. As he was being arrested, the man reportedly gave everyone a piece of his mind about Obama, and how he felt the former President ruined the country. One employee also told ABC that the man claimed the Obama mannequin looked at him funny.

The store owner says an employee was able to chase the man down. The owner told the Daily News that store employees had to shield the man from being attacked by neighborhood residents.