This sounds straight out of the pages of science fiction. But according to Business Insider, it  may not be.

The bees in this case are known as pollution drones, and if all goes as planned...the drones could one day pollinate crops just like a swarm of real bees. BI says that the retail giant filed the patent for the autonomous drones March 8, 2018.

The big question is why would Walmart want to go into agriculture? One theory that makes a lot of sense is the store's ever growing food delivery service. This would give them more control over their crops.

Got to keep up with the competition.

The decline in honeybee population has baffled and concerned scientists for years. Everything from parasites and disease, to genetics, poor nutrition and pesticide exposure have been blamed.

If this works, robotic drone bees could help with crop pollination if the world continues to face a honeybee shortage. Of course, some people aren't so thrilled with the idea.