Could marijuana soon be sold at your favorite concerts in New York state?

While many have probably rolled a joint at a show anyway whether it was legal or not, the state's licensed cannabis distributors are again pushing to get weed sold at shows and festivals across the Empire State.

Many within the cannabis industry have expressed their frustrations over the state's slow rollout of licensed stores and shops. Hundreds of farmers also have said that they are losing money due to the surplus of crops that they've grown, but with nowhere to sell it.

*** UPDATE: Spectrum NY1 is reporting that the measure has passed. NY1 says that cannabis can legally be sold at festivals and other "adult-oriented, locally sanctioned events".***

As of this writing, only 20 dispensary storefronts have opened around the state, according to the Office of Cannabis Management. 

Some Forms of Cannabis To be Sold at Concerts and Street Fests? 

The New York Post says that marijuana could soon be sold at "pop-up marijuana trade shows, concerts, and festivals", according to new rules. There is a bit of a catch, of course. The Post says that if this passes, "retail cannabis dealers must partner with at least three marijuana farmers to sell flowered weed."


This means stuff like edibles are fine, though actually smoking marijuana at a show or festival is not okay. One source told The Post that sales would be at shows or street events where customers or attendees are mainly over 21 years of age.

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The attempt comes after Governor Kathy Hochul announced that they are temporarily pausing licensed marijuana growers and retailers to sell weed at farmers' markets and festivals.

What Towns and Areas in the Hudson Valley Opted In?

Of course, there still aren't any legal weed shops (beyond medical) open in the Hudson Valley as of yet. The wait continues as of now, though hopefully, it won't be long.

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