As we head into another work week, the Hudson Valley is once again facing a forecast it knows far too well, at this point. Snow. Another storm system is expected to move in by the middle of the day Monday, bringing the chance for even more snow. How much are looking at this time? Hudson Valle Weather says anywhere from a coating to 3 inches, with some higher amounts in parts of the Catskills and higher elevations. This is another case where we could easily see more than was predicted, or perhaps nothing much at all.

Highs Monday will be in the low 30s, and lows in the 20s. A Winter Weather Advisory is in affect for the area from 10 A.M. Monday through 6 P.M., as snow could be moderate to heavy at times during the afternoon hours. Areas in the lower Hudson Valley could see a mix of sleet and snow, and other parts further south might receive just rain. Highs Tuesday will be near 40, with a chance for snow showers. Lows will be in the upper 20s, under mostly cloudy skies.

Things will warm up by mid week, as Wednesday's highs are actually expected to climb into the mid to upper 40s during the day. Lows will be in the mid 20s The mild streak won't last long however, as temperatures will cool back off by Thursday. Highs are expected to be in the mid 30s, and lows in the 10s, with mostly cloudy skies.

Friday will pretty much stay the same as Thursday, with highs once again in the 30s, and lows in the lower to mid 10s. So, anyone ready for spring here in the Hudson Valley? Unfortunately, forecasters are saying the cold and and snow may stick around well into the month of March. AccuWeather released their spring weather outlook, and the long range forecasts are saying the Northeast might see persistent cold and snow storms through March, and even into the early April.

But all this active winter weather now may set up an active severe weather season by later into the spring. A late start to spring-like weather could mean an increased chance for severe thunderstorms, and even tornadoes, by later in the season before. One of the reasons is La Niña. The bitter cold we're seeing across most areas of the nation will eventually clash with warmer and more humid air moving up from the south. AccuWeather says by May the jet stream will move further and further north, as high pressure builds over the center of the country. This is where strong cold fronts and severe weather form in the spring time and then move east. AccuWeather says that areas of the Northeast could be a target for severe weather by then, as the storms gain strength when they move into areas of clashing air masses.

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