The Hudson Valley enjoyed record-high warmth late last week, as temperatures soared to near 80 degrees across the area. Heavy rains soaked the area for most of the day Sunday, bringing cooler weather back to the Hudson Valley. Now, the wind has returned as well. How long will we the area have to deal with it?

A Wind Advisory will remain in effect until 4PM Monday, as gusts could exceed 50 to 55 MPH. Highs will remain around 50 degrees, under a mixture of sun and clouds through the day. Lows will be cold, with temperatures falling to around 30 Monday night. Highs Tuesday and Wednesday will warm up to the low 60s, and lows will be in the 40s both days.

The next chance for rain will be late Wednesday as another front will move through the northeast, bringing colder weather again to round out the month. Highs for the first day of April will stay in the 40s, as the rain will eventually push out of the Hudson Valley by the afternoon. Lows will fall to around 30 overnight Thursday. Highs Friday will stay in the low 40s, with partly cloudy skies and gusty winds. The weekend should see a bit of a warm-up though, with temperatures returning to the upper 50s and 60s as we get into this coming Saturday and Sunday,

The month of March saw somewhat warmer than average temperatures overall, and below-average precipitation across the Hudson Valley. As we look ahead this season, some weather experts feel the northeast could see the chance for severe storms by later this spring. Meteorologists from AccuWeather believe it could all happen. One of the reasons is La Niña. The cooler temperatures we've experienced will eventually clash with warmer and more humid air moving up from the south, as the jet stream also moves further north. Strong cold fronts and severe weather form from the west, and then move east into areas of clashing air masses. This is what could set up a pattern of stronger storms in the Hudson Valley area, somewhat like what they've experienced in the south recently.

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