It's a good week to be tuning into The Boris and Robyn Show. Well, I hope every week is a good week to tune in, but this week we've got a very cool prize. One that could make you rich just in time for the holidays.

This week on The Boris and Robyn Show, we're giving away Money Tree Tripler scratch off tickets from the New York Lottery. Each ticket has a top prize of $25,000. And each winner on the show gets 25 tickets. That's a lot of chances to get rich. make sure you are listening every morning this week at 7:45 for you chance to win.

We're also getting ready to take the show on the road, This Friday, we'll head to Dunkin Donuts on Rte. 9 in Hyde Park for our first gift card drive for The Children's Home of Poughkeepsie. Stop by with a gift card and sign up for your chance to win a pair of tickets to see The Rolling Stones at Met Life Stadium.

Plus, up to the minute traffic with Nancy Reamy, news with Bobby Welber, rock news, Ticked Off Tuesday, attorney Jonna Spilbor on Thursday, and lots of great music. Thanks for listening!