A horrifying scene erupted out of the town of Warwick recently. Local police responded to a distress call where it was reported that a dog violented attacked a mother and her infant child.

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Warwick Dog Attack Details

First and foremost, it should be stated that details and information regarding this case are still developing and we will do our best to update this story if or when new information is released.

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The following are the details and information that have been released to this point. The incident reportedly occurred yesterday in Warwick at a residence on Locust Street. A report from News 12 Westchester stated the infant suffered wounds to both his "face and head". The mother of the infant managed to draw the dog's attention to herself and prevented the dog from further harming her child.

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It was at this point that police arrived on the scene and took control of the situation at hand. The infant was quickly taken to local medical facility to have his wounds and inquires treated. One officer attempted to subdue the dog through usage of a taser but that proved to be ineffective.

Getty Images/ Taser International
Getty Images/ Taser International

When usage of the taser failed, officers on the scene then turned to lethal force and shot the dog via their firearms. With the dog now deceased, officers were then able to attend to the injured mother.

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In the same report from News 12 Westchester it was stated that at one point the dog had "turned on the mother, pinning her down and biting her neck". The mother was then transferred to another medical facility to be treated for her own injuries.

One Must Always Be Prepared

It is well known that we as people love our pets, it doesn't matter which pet you have, they're considered part of the family. With that being said though, one must always keep in mind that pets are still animals and it is possible for those animals to flip the switch at any point in time.

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As of right now it is not known what breed of dog it was that was involved in this attack and it is also not known what it was that set this particular dog off and caused it to attack the way it did.

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What can be said though is that this mother instinctively did what she knew she must do. She put herself in harms way in order to keep her child from being injured any further than he already was. Police officers also did what they were trained to do and handled the situation the way in which it needed to be handled in order to protect the lives of two people.

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