The world's most valuable automaker is moving into the Hudson Valley. Tesla has announced they've picked a location for their massive new distribution facility, and it's probably quite familiar to most across the area.

The automotive and clean energy giant already has a New York state location -  Gigafactory 2 (or, Giga New York) in the Buffalo area, where PV cells and Tesla Superchargers are made.

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The new facility is expected to bring hundreds of new jobs to New York state.

Tesla Comes to Orange County 

Business Facilities is reporting that Tesla will move its new vehicle parts regional distribution facility to Route 300 in Newburgh. Orange County can expect the 927,000 square foot (some sources are reporting it's closer to 970 thousand) facility adjacent to the I-84/I-87 interchange. According to Business Facilities, this spot is a "strategic location for the logistics and warehouse/distribution sector."

Business Facilities says that Tesla has teamed with Matrix Development Group out of New Jersey on the new location. The facility will be across from the Newburgh Mall.

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Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus told BF that the move can "raise income levels for our area and create good jobs."

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Tesla was found as Tesla Motors in July 2003 in San Carlos, California. The company (now known as Tesla, Inc.) is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has grown to become one of the world's most valuable companies.

As of 2022, Tesla operates 764 retail stores/galleries and service centers across the world. According to Scrape Hero, there are currently nine Tesla dealers within the state of New York,, including locations in Mount Kisco and Tarrytown in the lower Hudson Valley.

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