Ever placed an ad on a billboard? We've all seen the giant, sprawling signs off of major routes, that businesses spend money on to advertise their services. Some can prove helpful, while other may be seen more as a nuisance.

However, one New York state mother has put a strong message up on a billboard that she hopes all will see. The woman has said her decision to do so has lead to overwhelming support within the community.

New York State Mother Blasts Drug Dealer on Billboard 

NY Upstate says that Kathy T. Plante-Hunt wanted everyone to know what happened to her daughter. Her daughter Tamarra was 37-years-old when she died in June 2021, after struggling with drug addiction for years, according to NY Upstate. 

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Plante-Hunt not only wanted all to know about the drug dealer she says sold her heroin that was laced with fentanyl, but also the acquittance who drove her to the location where the deal went down.

The grieving mother wants to see both individuals charged with murder.

NY Upstate says the billboard is located on a two-story building 104 Court Street in downtown Watertown. Plante-Hunt said she wants the "community needs to know how many people are dying from drug overdoses."

Plante-Hunt told WWNY, “Instead of giving out free syringes and all of these fentanyl strips, we need to raise awareness in getting more inpatient rehab facilities created instead of enabling and facilitating the drug addiction."

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