I really hope they call me the next time these students do this. This seems so therapeutic.

Vassar students found a brilliant way to make some extra money. It involves a sledgehammer and a car. That sounds like a recipe for a good time to me.

College can be stressful. Life can be stressful. There are plenty of different ways to blow off some steam and relieve some stress. Some people prefer do peaceful activities like yoga or squeeze a stress ball. Others choose a more extreme approach. I prefer going to the gym and hitting a heavy bag. I never thought about hitting a car when I am angry but it does seem to be a lot of fun.

Have you ever heard of rage rooms before? You put on a hazard suit and protective goggles before entering a room and smashing up everything in sight. These rooms are usually full of furniture and electronics.

Vassar College parked an old car on their lawn and charged people to take swings at it. The video was posted on social media and it looks like the money went to Hudson River Housing.

Here is the video that was shared on Vassar's Instagram page:

This seem like a great way to relieve stress. The next time they do something like this I hope they open it up to everyone. I might be able to just beat my own car up in the meantime.

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