Many of us will be digging out the tree this weekend unless you are a real tree person. I prefer a live tree and I don't usually get one until the week before Christmas. I am also a very traditional tree person. I have been lucky to be the keeper of the hand-me-down ornaments.

No matter what kind of tree you decide on, real or artificial (I don't say fake because even though it isn't an actual tree it is still a real Christmas tree), you should get the tree you want. Your tree should be as much about you as it is about Christmas.

I realize that many people feel that a Christmas tree has been typecast and should stay that way. But I think if you look at some of the trees I found online, you might actually see that it is fun to mix it up a little. Maybe even have a traditional tree and a non-traditional tree. Why not a tree for every room?

Some of the trees I found I didn't even realize were a choice, however, I did know about the upside-down Christmas tree. I have never actually done an upside-down Christmas tree, but I may try it at some point in the future.

The upside-down Christmas trees go way back in history. Some people have tried to make them something bad, but the truth is, they were often necessary because people had no room for a tree on the floor. The Spruce does a great job taking you through the history of the inverted tree. And to be honest, lately, they have become a designer thing that is quite popular. Some even display the tree with its actual roots.

Uniquely Styled Artificial Christmas Trees

"You do You" when it comes to your Christmas tree and whatever you do, don't let anyone tell you differently. Get the Christmas tree that makes you happy.

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