Talk about a dubious distinction. For a second year in a row, a couple of New York state cities made Orkin pest control's top 50 list for bed bug cities. Yuck. Well, at least in both cases, both cities aren't as high up the list as last year.

Syracuse and Buffalo were both ranked in the top fifty in the country for bed bug cases. According to Orkin's website, Buffalo ranked 24, and Syracuse 39th respectively. New York City was 6th, which is not surprising for a city that size.

The data was taken by Orkin from December 1, 2018 to November 30, 2019. It includes both residential and commercial treatments. If you have bed bugs, it doesn't necessarily mean your place is dirty. Orkin says the pests can easily travel with your belongings, which is why they seem to like hotels and motels.

They can also be spread when people pull ridiculous pranks like this. 

So what city has the most bed bugs in the U.S.? according to Orkin, Washington D.C. The nation's capitol is now also the bed bug capitol. Orkin has a number of helpful reminders on their home page that could help you spot the pests before they potentially spread, and also ways to treat and infestation. This is not one of them.

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