Our local college kids are having way too much fun.

It's one of those rankings that colleges don't put in their recruitment ads, but something that prospective students look at when choosing which school to apply to. We're talking about the prestigious honor of being a top party school.

Niche.com recently announced their 2018 list of the biggest party schools in the country, and two Hudson Valley institutions ranked as "best" in the state. If you're looking to find the best keggers, look no further than SUNY New Paltz. The college ranked 18th top party school in New York State. While not a huge surprise, another local school is raising eyebrows for their top ranking.

Once listed in Playboy magazine as the top party school in the country, Marist College has entirely changed their image. With a stronger focus on academics and an impressive upgrade to their campus, Marist has become a very serious college. But don't tell that to the students.

Marist College has officially been ranked as the number 35.party school in New York. While not on the top of the list, they're still on the list. And that's more than many of our other local colleges can say. Although two Hudson Valley schools do have do have the honor of  saying they have the best college food, so that's something.

If you're wondering which college made number one in New York, it's Syracuse.