This is another case of someone not learning their lesson the first time. Police say a New York state woman was arrested for DWI late one night after her vehicle had struck a barrier. But even after being arrested and having her vehicle towed, she was right back at it again, according to officials.

Authorities say the woman's BAC level was nearly twice the state's legal limit the second time she was pulled over.

Police Say New York Woman Arrested Twice in Less Than Three Hours 

The New York Post says that a 51-year-old woman was spotted right before 11 PM when her vehicle hit a barrier near an intersection in Grand Island. Police say the suspect strongly smelled of alcohol, failed multiple sobriety tests, and would not give ID.

The Post says the woman was arrested and charged with DWI and obstruction of governmental administration.

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Soon, and a number of tickets later, she was back out on the street and behind the wheel again. The Post says that less than three hours later, the Erie County deputies came across the same woman again. She even had a good excuse too.

Her Excuse...

According to officials, the suspect told them she was driving to pick up her car keys for the first car that had been towed.

Police say the suspect still refused to provide iD and was arrested again for DWI and obstruction of governmental administration.

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