Police say a New York state man was arrested twice in less than twenty-four hours. One could say this alleged offender ended up in handcuffs again through his own very absent minded choices

But while this particular suspect wasn't back in custody quite as quick as this other previous suspect that was reported upon, stories like these once again draw attention to controversial "catch and release" policies that exist in New York,

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Officials say the 37-year-old suspect from Seneca Falls had already been charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle Monday, when he drove the very same vehicle in question to police headquarters to "acquire information from his arrest" the following day.

New York State Man Arrested for Alleged Chase Arrested Again Allegedly Driving Same Vehicle to Police Headquarters 

Finger Lakes 1 reports that the suspect had been reported driving a U-Haul truck that had just left a residence with stolen property. The Seneca Falls Police Department says they conducted a traffic stop Monday night, when the man left the truck and lead police on a foot chase "through residential areas and woods"

The man was arrested and charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle, obstructing governmental administration, and resisting arrest, says officials.

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However, he was right back out on the street, says Finger Lakes 1.

Less than a day later, the same suspect felt it was in his best interest to allegedly drive the same U-Haul back to the Seneca Falls Police Department to enquire why he was in trouble in the first place. Finger Lakes 1 reports that he was promptly arrested yet again.

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