A local deli's fresh made mozzarella has people from all over the United States paying a visit to the Hudson Valley.

Perhaps it was the deli's two appearances on the Food Network, or the fact that this small little shop has scored big on websites like Yelp. But whatever the reason, people from all over the country are making a pilgrimage to Vinny's Deli in Pawling.

A. Boris
A. Boris

Vinny shared some samples of his fresh made mozzarella with us and waited patiently for our reaction. When we let out an uncontrollable "Oh my God!" after the still-warm cheese melted in our mouth Vinny started laughing and showed us his business card that says "OMG" on it. Vinny explained that it's the most common reaction he gets when someone tries his mozzarella for the very first time. So many people yell "Oh my God" when they try his cheese that he had it printed on his card.

The Food Network visited Vinny twice, once to show him making this incredible mozzarella, and another time to feature his Steak Margarita sandwich. An original combination that is completely out of this world.

If you're planning a pilgrimage to Vinny's Deli, it's located right in the center of town on 14 East Main St. Just make sure get there before August 26. Vinny says from now until then he will make a donation for every ball of mozzarella sold to Alex's Lemonade Stand, a charity that helps kids who are affected by childhood cancer. If you mention WPDH or Alex's Lemonade Stand during your purchase Vinny will donate $1 per mozzarella ball.