Hudson Valley residents woke up to a coating of snow on Tuesday morning that's already causing problems.

Snow fell through much of the Hudson Valley early Tuesday morning, leaving driveways, parking lots and grassy areas blanked in white. For the most part, roads have been prepared with salt and brine solution, but that doesn't mean that conditions aren't slippery.

Hudson Valley traffic reporter, Nancy Reamy, says that crews are currently still on the roads applying salt and clearing side roads. There have already been a few minor incidents on I-84, the Taconic and Route 9. You can expect longer than usual travel times as commuters take extra care not to slip and slide on the slick road surfaces.

As for schools, there were several 2 hour delays reported before 6am this morning, with more expected early this morning. Many bus companies will need to clean off their vehicles before beginning their routes, and municipalities generally advise school buses to stay off the roads until crews are done prepping the driving surfaces.

For a complete list of the latest delays, be sure to click the link below: