We were saddened to learn of the passing of actor Peter Scolari this past week. Scolari was best known for his role alongside Tom Hank's in the 80's comedy sitcom Bosom Buddies.

Growing up a child of the '80s, Bosom Buddies was one of my favorite tv shows. The series followed Tom Hanks as Kip Wilson and Peter Scolari as Henry Desmond who's NYC apartment was demolished while they were still asleep in it. They disguise themselves as women so that they can move into the dirt-cheap Susan B. Anthony Hotel (a hotel for women only). Their friend Amy (played by actress Wendi Jo Sperber) is the only one in on the plan. Kip goes by Buffy when in drag and Henry goes by Hildegard in drag. Why was I such a big fan of this show? I guess I just found the show to be very funny, and the entire cast I thought was pretty great. Holland Taylor played Kip and Henry's boss Ruth Dunbar, and Donna Dixon played Sunny, Kip's love interest who also lived at the hotel. Donna Dixon would go on to marry actor Dan Aykroyd (the two are still together to this day.) Telma Hopkins played Isabelle, a hotel resident, and hotel manager in season 2 while Lucile Benson played Lilly, the hotel manager in season 1. The series only lasted 2 seasons, unfortunately, with the show having one of the best television series theme songs ever with Billy Joel's "My Life".

Peter Scolari died this past Friday at the age of 66 after a 2 year battle with cancer. Scolari was a Hudson Valley native from New Rochelle, Westchester County. He got his first big break in "Bosom Buddies" but over the course of his 40-year acting career appeared in multiple films and tv series including Madoff, The Good Fight, Newhart, Murphy Brown, The West Wing, ER, Gotham, Law & Order: SVU and Ally McBeal. He won an Emmy for his role as Ted Horvath on Girls in 2016. Most recently he had a recurring role as Bishop Thomas Marx in the CBS series Evil. Rest easy Peter Scolari. Your acting career over the past 40 years speaks for itself, and it certainly did make a great book.

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