There's a list of things that could go wrong any given morning as subway commuters take the trains to work. Electrical problems, weather, and even disruptive passengers can all put a damper on your ride to work.

This wasn't something anyone would have expected.

NBC NY is reporting that trains were rerouted Monday morning, on the above ground N tracks, as police attempted to wrangle two rogue goats who happen to be moseying around near Green Wood cemetery in Brooklyn.  

The animals were spotted between Fort Hamilton and New Utrecht stations late Monday morning. By 12:30 p.m. the two goats were still there, but were surrounded by NYPD and Animals Control.  

Transit officials tweeted a picture of the two four legged suspects...

It appears the two goats were just eating some grass by the tracks, though it is currently unclear where they came from.

The MTA says they were tranquilized and captured by early afternoon.