One of the most wanted stores could open in our community.

The Hudson Valley is slowly, but surely, welcoming new kinds of grocery stores. A Wegmans just opened in the lower Hudson Valley in 2020. This is the first Wegmans to come close to the Hudson Valley region. The next closest is either in New York City or New Jersey. Now, another dearly loved grocery store chain could open a Hudson Valley location.

According to Tap Into Yorktown, there appears to be building plans in the works for a new Trader Joe's in Yorktown. While nothing has been confirmed, the building plans are said to be for a "specialty grocer". Trader Joe's is mentioned multiple times in the planning board documents. Things like "Landlord shall wire exterior lights to Trader Joe’s" are mentioned according to Tap Into Yorktown. As well as "The fire alarm panel shall have sufficient capacity to accept any additional devices or notification appliances required for Trader Joe’s build-out."

Tap Into Yorktown reports that a new 12,500-square-foot building has been submitted to the Yorktown planning department. Typically, Trader Joe's operates in similar-sized buildings.  This was initially reported in October 2020. In December 2020, Tap Into Yorktown reported that the plans for a "specialty grocer" were approved by the Yorktown planning board. Still, the identity of the store is not confirmed. Both reports from Tap Into Yorktown state Trader Joe's was mentioned nearly two-dozen times in the planning documents.

The new building that will allegedly be a "specialty grocer" will be in the same shopping center as the Lowe's in Yorktown. According to Tap Into Yorktown, this Lowe's opened in 2019. At this time, nothing has been confirmed about what will be going into the space.

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