So every year we as people look forward to particular holidays. We all know the big ones The 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's as well as a plethora of other holidays we all celebrate in way or another. Despite all of these universally recognized holidays, we have numerous other obscure holidays that many people don't even realize are a thing.

Two dogs playing in the park, sunny day

This led me to today where I learned that today is a day to celebrate one obscure holiday that quite literally might be one of the cutest holidays of the entire year. What holiday would that be? Well glad you asked because today happens to be 'National Puppy Day'. That's right today is the day to celebrate and love those young and brand new, adorable balls of fluff. So with this in mind, why not take a look at New York's favorite balls of fluff

Historic List Fresh Off the Presses

Call this some brilliant ironic timing but dogs in New York have been a hot topic lately as just recently the American Kennel Club released their list for top dogs across America for 2022. Why is this list only out now? I have no idea but the list is adorable so we're going to forgo any questions like that from here on in.

group of five dogs sitting in front of a white background
Zoonar/Erik Lam

This list released by the American Kennel Club was also historic as one particular breed dethroned one of the most popular breeds of dog in New York. This same breed also took the throne as America's most popular breed.

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Starting off with Some All TIme Favorites

It's pretty much impossible to have any kind of 'dog list' without mentioning these first two breeds. I'm talking about the adorable tandem of the Golden Retriever and German Shepard.

Purebred Golden Retriever dog portrait in outdoors

What do I really need to say about these beauties. They are the definitions of loyalty when you think about dogs or 'man's best friend'. They are great family dogs, they are great with kids and in general just a couple big 'lovey-dovies'.

Town of Poughkeepsie Police Department
Town of Poughkeepsie Police Department

Making Their Way to the Field is....

The Poodle. Not going to lie, this one was a surprise, well for me anyway. American Kennel Club had the Poodle ranked as NY's number 2 favorite breed in all of NY. For me, I always associated the Poodle as the "Show Dog", like if I watched a dog show on tv, it would seem to be a near guarantee that the Poodle would be sitting at the top podium. With that being said though Poodle's are similar to the Golden Retriever and German Shepard where they are affectionate and great with kids.

image of gray poodle on a green lawn

The New Top Dog in Town

Now's the time to reveal who the new favorite dog in New York is and who the new top dog in all of America is......the French Bulldog. Now to be specific, the French Bulldog is the number one top dog but the Bulldog itself is also among the top 5 and it felt silly to have them separate so they are sharing in this list.

French Bulldog Puppies
Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

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Both dogs like all of the others rank high when it comes to being family friendly and good with kids. The difference with these dogs however is their adaptability. They are capable of living in practically any environment, which in a place like New York is a good asset to have.

Dogs Dress Up For Annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Parade
Getty Images

With this claiming of the top spot, the French Bulldog has ended the reign of the forever loved Lab, who spent the past 31 years at the top as America's most popular dog. Experts called it a 'long time coming' as the French Bulldogs popularity has been on a steady climb to the top for over a decade now. I would say that for this accomplishment, someone deserves a treat.

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