Welcome to the weekend. Summer officially kicks off this weekend and The Mid Hudson Valley is about to enter phase three of reopening, and that means next week things will feel a lot more like normal.

One sign of normalcy is that a couple of acts have actually scheduled live shows, and some will be happening in the next couple of months. And the big Motley Crue tour with Def Leppard and Poison has new dates for 2021.  Find out the who, whats and wheres by listening to this week’s rock news. Just click on the link below. 

Also this week, Black Sabbath has released a new t-shirt that is very timely. We’ve got all the details on how you can get one on this week’s rock news below. And if you’re looking for a getaway, you might want to head to Cleveland. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has officially reopened. Find out more on this week’s rock news.

We do rock news for you every weekday morning at 6:45 on The Boris and Robyn Show, but if you miss it, check back here for the recap. Thanks for listening and be well.

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