Did you get a chance to listen to the rock news this week on The Boris and Robyn Show?  We do it for you every weekday morning at 6:45.  If you missed it, you can get a recap by clicking on the rock news link below.

This week's rock news includes some great stories for fans of The Band.  They had a lot of great live shows as Bob Dylan's back up band, and you can get your hands on those shows.  Find out how by clicking the rock news link below.  You will also find out about a great 40th anniversary release coming this year from The Band.

Bon Jovi fans can get a little extra from the new Bon Jovi album coming out later this fall.  Want more details?  Click on the link below.  And if you love beer and Iron Maiden, there is a story that you will want to hear in this week's rock news.

Have a great weekend, Boris and I will talk to you Monday morning at 6.  And we'll have more rock news among other things.  Here's this week's recap.