A sheet of ice flew off a vehicle on a NY highway and onto another car's windshield, destroying it. The dramatic video was caught on tape.

They always say, clean the snow off your car completely! Everyone knows how dangerous it is to drive and with snow on your car, as it turns to ice and can be completely destructive, causing extensive damage, even death. One man recently was lucky to be ok after flying ice hit his car's windshield, completely shattering and destroying it.

William Bobear posted a dramatic video of the incident on social media, which reportedly happened this past weekend on I-90 in the Albany area while driving over the Patroon Island Bridge. Dashcam footage caught a massive sheet of ice flying off a vehicle onto Bobear's car, causing extensive damage. Thankfully nobody was hurt.

The video is a clear reminder to every one of the importance of completely clearing off your vehicle after a snowstorm. This could have been a lot worse, with the occupants in the vehicle being seriously hurt, or even killed. Thankfully that wasn't the case this time. Seeing this video brought me back to some years back when I passed a vehicle on the road with several feet of snow on its roof. How could one be so damn lazy?
Again, stop being lazy. Clean off your car completely after the next snowstorm! A public service message from your friendly radio dj, Tigman.

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