We have a lot of great colleges here in the Hudson Valley. Dutchess County alone has 3 of the best known colleges in the state and beyond. Everybody always talks about Vassar College and its famous alumni like Meryl Streep. And it’s true, Vassar does have a ton of famous graduates. But Vassar is not alone in that respect. Did you know that Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson also has some very famous alumni? No kidding. And a couple of them even wrote a hit song about their alma mater. Want to know who attended Bard? Read on.

This Hudson Valley College Boasts Superstar Alumni

Famous People Who Attended Bard College

And those are just a few of the famous alumni from Bard College. Bard continues to be a favorite choice for students, both famous and unfamous. Not to mention it puts on great shows and concerts. Bard College is certainly a jewel of the Hudson Valley.

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