This millennial habit has moved beyond the dating realm and into the workplace.

The dating trend that everybody hates, "ghosting" has now entered the workplace. "Ghosting" is known in the dating world as disappearing from someone they're dating with no warning. Ignore calls, texts, email, etc.

With "ghosting" entering the workplace, companies are reporting that 20 to 50 percent of job applicants and workers are no-shows. According to USA Today, a growing number are ghosting their jobs, blowing off interviews, accepting offers and not showing up the first day and vanishing from existing positions.

Unprofessional right? Let's hope that these numbers don't continue to rise. I mean we have to work with these tool bags.

Now this behavior has always happened on occasion, however it seems to be becoming commonplace. There is no exact tracking system for such silly things, but it still makes it harder for companies to find reliable, hard-working people.

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