The Hudson Valley is completely encased in ice this morning, and here's what you should expect when you leave the house.

The snow stopped falling just after noon yesterday, but it was followed by rain and freezing rain that began to coat the area with a thick layer of ice. Temperatures were in the 20s overnight, so all of that wet precipitation has become solid, encasing cars and untreated surfaces in a tomb of solid ice.

Roadways are passable, but there are many spots with black ice patches. Being overly confident on the road could prove dangerous since you really can't see the black ice until your wheels start spinning out of control. We anticipate problems on roadways this morning due to the ice, especially on highway exit ramps and intersections where people will be breaking quickly.

Here's a look at just how icy the Hudson Valley is this morning:

Make sure to give yourself extra time to defrost the car and salt the driveway before leaving, and check our online database for the latest delays due to the icy conditions.