Growing up in Ulster County, I loved the winter for sledding and snow days, but I hated when Jergen's (now Cherries Ice Cream Bar) in Stone Ridge would close every year when the months got colder. Even living in Newburgh now as an adult, I get sad each time I pass a roadside ice cream joint that has a "see you in the summer!" sign in their window. One of the worst parts of the year is when the roadside cream-slingers close their doors for the season. And while I can't wait to go back to Mary Jane's Dairy Bar and even Dairy Queen when the sun comes back out again, sub-freezing temperatures aren't enough to keep ice cream fiends like me away from a good cone. Or cup. Or shake.

Ice cream isn't just for the summer! (Photo: Nina Z)
Ice cream isn't just for the summer! (Photo: Nina Z)

True fans of one of the best desserts ever invented know that the joy doesn't have to stop when the snow comes. But fear not! There are still brave businesses that proudly stay open all year 'round. Bonus: when you have ice cream in the winter, it won't melt while you eat it! That's why I created a comprehensive list of the dairy heroes in the Hudson Valley that are keeping us satiated until we need to put sunscreen on again.

Ice cream isn't just for the summer! (Photo: Adam Berry/ Stringer/Getty Images)
Ice cream isn't just for the summer! (Photo:
Adam Berry/ Stringer/Getty Images)

A few disclaimers: I stuck to businesses that deal almost exclusively in ice cream. Stewart's Shops for instance, where I used to enjoy a hand-packed pint all to myself, serve ice cream 365 days a year but didn't make the official list since they also deal in Lotto, gas, and firewood, amongst other things. Also, places like Carvel at the Modena rest stop on 87 aren't listed since even I wouldn't hop on the highway just to get a waffle cone. Check out the list below.

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